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As a Situational Awareness Expert, Susan has helped people and businesses to find and extract the mysterious monsters, wrecking lives and preventing productivity. She found a passion for serving others, through the strength required to cope and heal from dysfunctional, and dangerous situations. She became a quick study of the science, and methodology for overcoming an underdog position. She learned how to wear disadvantage well! Turning it inside-out; Making 'It', the advantage needed for conquering. Susan also earned professional credentialling as a Crisis First Responder, Board Certified Mental Health Coach (BCMHC). She received, a Myers Briggs Course Certification in Communication, Behavioral and Personality Studies. With over 50 years of life experience, and managing numerous businesses and over a hundred employees, she honed expertise in Human Sciences. Susan will begin her degree in the field of Human Sciences, in 2023.


The last few years of growing calamities, and extremism have proven an inability for Communications and Situational Awareness. Around the world, conflict resolution skills are rarely taught as a core curriculum of education. Leaving most to start families and enter the workplace with little to no knowledge of handling conflict. Roughly, only 5-10% of people have awareness, but 95% think they do. An alarming statistical disparity. Through personal experience within my own family, I became challenged to find new ways of resolving difficult and dangerous situations. In doing so, it became necessary to find a peaceful means for all concerned parties. After my discoveries it was important to share these new approaches of meeting old problems with success. I then authored and carefully crafted the book Within Silence, Finding Your Power and Purpose. The book was written in third person, with a special concern for getting the message across to the reader without naming names. This allowed readers to internally reflect with a neutral state of mind. Within this stance able to translate to their own relative experiences. Thus, able to create sustainable solutions that includes all people in the responsibility. It is a book about resolving conflict, and providing the tools necessary for transformative, and lasting change.

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